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Davis Reyes


Welcome to my website. This is my engineering portfolio for Project Lead The Way at SAMOHI.



I am a curious and ambitious student who looks forward to coming up with successful and creative ideas for projects in this class. Also I want to finish in the top ten of the JPL competition and hopefully outdo last year's class. Some specific engineering interests of mine include architecture and environmental sustainability. 




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JPL Competition Directions

Pulleys and Springs Mechanics


Competed Projects 

Bicycles Individual Research Presentation

JPL Final Prototype

JPL Poster

Ethics Case Study Presentation


For the assigned task for our first JPL competition, we have to lift a pipe laying on its sides on two wooden bases and set it down upright on a platform. My group and I have come up with the idea of an arm that will expand and contract into the pipe, have a fixed spring lift it at its "hinge joint" and set it down. At first we wanted to use a motor to rotate it but we are trying to shy away from that since it may not be strong enough for the weight of our arm and pipe. We just submitted our materials list and fundraised $95, so so far things are looking good.  


Drone Debate Documentation

Monsters Inc. Ethics Essay


BIKE BOLT Supporting Documents

Google Doc


Project Proposal

20 Problems

So now we have a clear idea of what we are building and in fact actually have most of the materials to begin; we just haven't yet since we are still waiting on the foundation piece. So basically it's going to be a half circle made of plywood that acts as the base and holds our PVC pipe arm at a hinge joint that can rotate easily. At the top of the base will be a magnet and taught spring that is being held down with a pin, and at the other end of that spring is the pipe. We plan on releasing the pin causing the spring to lift the pipe (which also has magnets on a surrounding ring) and have it attach to the top magnets holding it in place. So this next week what we need to do is assemble the first model and test it since we are expecting to have the base ready made by Monday.  


Right now we have drilled in the main components of our machine to the base, such as a rotating arm that will hold the pipe and rollers on the wall to slow down the spring's launch. We've had a couple unofficial tests already by taping the pipe to the arm just to see how it would look when it's done, and it's working just fine; all we have to do is make sure we add either more friction to the cable or weight to the pipe since right now it moves really fast. I've helped with orchestrating these tests, but mostly have worked on the progress report google document. I've also posted our testing video on YouTube so I could officially link it on that doc. Next steps include getting he ring we are going to attach to the arm for pipe support, and getting a taller spring to decrease its force and slow it down. Once we've done that, we can start officially testing and make any adjustments as needed. 

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